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Mini Implant

Mini implants have been around for years and are generally used to support a lower denture that does not stay in place.

Following a preliminary examination and imaging, mini implants are surgically placed in the jawbone. Depending on the width of your jawbone, 4 - 6 implants may be used. Your existing denture can often be used and is modified to fit over the mini implants. This entire procedure is often completed in a single visit with some follow-up care to ensure effective chewing and speech.

Benefits of mini implants:
  • Stabilizes and secures a lower denture
  • Strong and lasting
  • Able to chew effectively and speak with clarity
  • May be able to use existing denture (new denture may be advised)
  • Easy to remove denture for cleaning
  • Denture “snaps” in and out
  • Procedure is relatively fast and comfortable

If your lower denture does not stay in place when you speak or chew food, we would be pleased to determine if mini implants would be a beneficial treatment. Please feel free to ask any questions about restoring your smile. Book a private mini implant consultation today! 905-270-5112



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